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Pirate Treasure Hunt Game

  • £5.99

Ahoy me hearties' you have discovered the ultimate treasure hunt for kids! Always the star of the show our beautifully designed pirate treasure hunt game features a treasure map, six rhyming picture clue cards and treasure markers leading to the final treasure chest which you can fill with whatever treasure you like. Hide the markers around the house, garden or venue and set the kids off on a pirate adventure. The pirate treasure hunt includes: A treasure map 6 clue cards 5 treasure markers with stands (a pirate captain, a parrot, a pirate girl, a pirate ship and a desert island) Footprints 3D treasure chest Instructions and suggestions For a 2 hour party see our suggestions for other pirate party games. Suitable for children aged 3-8 years . Depending on how hard you hide the clues and scenes this party game will keep guests occupied for 20 minutes.

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